Shamanic Soul Retrieval


Shamanic Soul Fragment Retrieval Drum Ritual Trance Session

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The tradition of shamanic soul retrieval originates in the very ancient world of Siberia, a region that was once controlled by the Ancient Greeks. It involves the shaman entering the spirit world on your behalf through the process of drum induced trance for the purpose of retrieving fragments of your soul lost through injury, illness, shock and trauma. Heart ache, mental despair, hopelessness, all forms of depression were once treated with this Shamanic ritual meant to return your lost power. If you suffered from malaise in the Ancient World, you would seek the shaman to assist you in regaining your balance and energy. 

This is an hour long drum session that will be done my sunset the day of your order. I will then return to the messages here with the results of your vision and detail in vivid account everything that was experienced during the call back of your power. This is a very powerful session and I have seen this ritual change people’s lives quickly and for the better. I am proud to offer it to be considered for an alternative to the depression medication. Try this first!


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